Go Seigen versus Takagawa Kaku – Analysis of AI

Go Seigen versus Takagawa Kaku - Analysis of AI 1

This is analysis of a very powerful game between two great masters Go Seigen and Takagawa Kaku with the help of script modified by Oleksandr Hiliazov and Anton Boreiko which you can find and run by yourself here.

The network used for the analysis of this game is specially for human games and this review has more than 18 million visits all together.

Go Seigen (吳清源, Wú Qīng yuán, Wu Quan(吳泉), naturalized Japanese name Kure Izumi, 12 June 1914 – 30 November 2014), was a professional 9-dan. He is considered one of the strongest players of the 20th Century and, by many, one of the strongest players of all time. Go, like most players of his day, began as a devotee of the Shusaku opening. When he became a 5-dan his rank began requiring him to start taking White more often than not. Since this promotion occurred before the advent of komi go, then he consciously began changing his style to cope with White’s inherent disadvantage. In addition Go Seigen characteristics were: an exceptional ability at the conversion of thickness into profit; a keen positional judgement backed by accurate reading and a special intuition; and a penchant for rarely losing a ko fight that he initiated. He also regularly used much less time than his opponents.

Takagawa Kaku (高川格, September 1915 – November 1986) was a Japanese, 9-dan, professional Go player. He changed his name to Takagawa Shukaku (高川秀格) after he won the Honinbo title for the first time. Takagawa’s style revolved around thick plays that enabled a constant flow of exchanges around the board. He attempted to embody the motto: “Flowing water does not compete for first place.” As such, he preferred peaceful exchanges and avoided head-on confrontations whenever they were judged sufficient enough to keep him in the game. He utilized his thickness by creating a long, drawn out game where he could steadily squeeze his opponent’s groups for small advantages. Often, this would result in a crop of center territory emerging in the late game.

Go Seigen versus Takagawa Shukaku
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