Mateusz Surma talks about how to improve at Go!

Mateusz Surma talks about how to improve at Go! 1

For these of you who do not know who is Mateusz Surma : He is an EGF-Professional Go player from Poland since 2015. He spent over two years in Korean Go Academies – King’s Baduk Dojang, Yang Jae-Ho Baduk Dojang, and Choong-Am Baduk Dojang. He was participating in the CEGO Programme at the Ge Yuhong Weiqi Academy in Beijing for two seasons. Since you just read only about his achievements, I want to tell you that he is very kind and ambitious person and I admire him a lot for that. It was wonderful by him to answer all the questions I had!

Q: What do you think about Go development in Europe?

A: I feel like more people from outside the Far East are getting interested in Go. Some of them are willing to sacrifice their time to learn more and become stronger Go players.

Q: How to study Go?

A: In my opinion players of different level should focus more on different things.

Q: What exactly would you recommend for kyu players?

A: Players weaker than 15 kyu: Just playing as many matches as possible.Players of level 15 kyu – 10 kyu: Solving life & death problems and playing.Players of level 9 kyu – 1 kyu: Solving life & death problems, playing and reviewing own matches.

Q: What about Dan players?

A: Players of dan level: Solving life & death problems, playing and reviewing own matches. Also reviewing and analyzing matches of top players.

Q: You suggest playing games, but what if one does not have local players?

А: If you don’t know Go players with whom you can play nearby – there are many Go servers, you can play online.

Q: You released a project about Go Teachers recently, can you tell us more about it?

A: If you don’t have problems to solve – you can find books with problems online and buy them. However, if you don’t know Go teachers with whom you can study nearby – here problems appear. If a teacher invests in some advertisement – it will cost him a lot comparing to the money he can get from teaching. If a student takes lessons with only one teacher – this student will be stronger, but in my opinion he can learn more if he takes lessons with different teachers.

Q: Why do you think a person learns more by studying with various teachers?

A: Every teacher has a different view on the match – there is a bigger chance to get new ideas when you don’t have e.g. five lessons per week with one teacher, but one lesson per week with a teacher and have five teachers. That’s why I decided to create some ‘search for online Go teachers’. Teachers don’t need to risk and invest money in advertisements – just when they want to take money for the lessons they had, a little commission will be taken from the money, which was paid by students. Students, however, can find many teachers in one place. They can order lessons with many different teachers by writing just one e-mail.

Q: Thank you a lot for answering all the questions, can you tell us where people can find this service?

A: On the website, everyone can read some information about every teacher (what is the teacher’s strength, what languages he can speak, what are his achievements as a player and as a teacher, etc.).

Link to the website with teachers:

As you can see Mateusz recommends solving life and death problems, playing games, reviewing them and lastly analyzing top professional games. I always thought that lower dan levels cannot benefit a lot by studying professional games without commentary, however Mateusz thinks it is efficient and I guess it really helps you develop good sense of shapes and see 21st Century innovations of course. After all what would we do without san-san invasion at move three (laugh).

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