The Discomfort of Being Pressed Down – Direction of Play

The Discomfort of Being Pressed Down - Direction of Play 1

These days the Russian Championship Finals are being played and you can find the results page over here.

While watching the games a good example appeared on how to fall behind early in the game because of mistake in direction of play. I noticed that a lot of times, professionals do not answer low approach to komoku (3-4 point), however, when amateurs are watching professional games, they should try to understand at least when to not answer and when to answer. In this exact game between Stepan Popov and Alexander Dinerstein,  the weaker player tried to complicate the position by simply not answering, but that gave Alexander easier game.

You can find all the games recorded on KGS by checking the names RGF1, RGF2,RGF3,RGF4 and RGF5.

Below I have also attached another interesting game with commentary of AI which is medium quality analysis and it also shows less variations so that people can follow easier.





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