Commentary by Pavol Lisy 2p on Final of Hungarian Open 2018

Commentary by Pavol Lisy 2p on Final of Hungarian Open 2018 1
Commentary by Pavol Lisy 2p on Final of Hungarian Open 2018 2

Pavol Lisy born 9-2-1995 is Slovak Professional 2dan and also the first EGF Professional. He is also the current European Champion 2018.

He spend three months studying in Korea when he was 1 kyu. He was also part of CEGO Academic Programme in China, however, that was after he became professional.

Below, I attached a wonderful commentary by him on the final game against Pal Balogh 6 dan, fighting for the first place of Hungarian Open 2018 which was played on 24-25th November. This game was a very good lesson on what is urgent. I would say that this game is really like a textbook example on how to kill your opponent if he is greedy, on the other side it also shows how hard it is to kill, rather than to live.

EB: Can you tell me more about your study in Korea, did you solve a lot of tsumego? You went there as 1 kyu and after three months you came back as 4 dan!

Pavol: Well, before I went there I did not solve anything at all, I saw the first Go books there. I was 14 when I got there, so before that I only went to tournaments. I solved life and death a lot more compared to before. Let’s say before it was 10-15 tsumego problems a day, average time 5-10 minutes. Not that much, but maybe a lot for 1 kyu.
I liked my studies in Korea, I was motivated to study.

EB: You also participated in CEGO as well, was it different?

Pavol: It was different of course, but not only because I was professional when I got into CEGO. First of all, in China you study 12 hours a day. You know that 😀 ! In Korea it was 5-6. Personally for me 6 is more than 12.

EB: I understand, efficiency matters a lot.

Pavol: But of course, it’s much harder to get stronger when you are already stronger.

EB: It feels like being stuck sometimes : – )

Pavol: Yes, it’s true, however, it’s best not to think about it. As long as you are motivated, it doesn’t really matter if you are improving, just try your best and the result does not matter.
Well, it’s good to want to win, but to know your limits, so that you can break them.

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