The 1st Argentine Women’s League !

The 1st Argentine Women's League ! 1

We know that on tournaments and overall, the female players are less than men. This article is not written to explain why is there such a big difference, although that might not be easy at all. This post is about the Argentinian Female League !
As part of the Commission of Argentine Association of Go, Gissella Gastin kindly agreed to answer some questions about their new female league.

EB: How did this female league started?

Gissella: The Argentine Women’s League emerged as a proposal of the Gender Commission of the Argentine Association of GO (AAGO). One of our objectives is to expand the participation of women in tournaments and activities and also to encourage new women to approach the game.
I am part of the Commission and I also participated in the league.

EB: What is the idea behind this project?

Gissella: What we are looking for is to create a flexible environment where we can learn from each other, that is why it lasts for 1 month, however, each one decides when and with whom to play. They are handicapped games, they are played face-to-face or online and are open to players of all categories and nationality.

EB: How many players participated in the League?

Gissella: This first edition we had 13 players, 11 from Argentina, one player from Uruguay (Ivana Calleros 7K) and one player from Romania (Laura Avram 2D).

EB: Oh, so the strongest player who participated was actually Laura from Romania?

Gissella: The participation of Laura was very motivating for all of us, since in our region no one has reached that category at the moment and our objective is not only to increase in quantity, but also in a game level, for that reason we are very happy and we hope to increase the number of participants in the second edition and keep learning together.


Below you can find brief commentary on game between Laura 2D and Agostina Romero 2k from the league.

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