Why reduce if you can invade?

Why reduce if you can invade? 1

Why to reduce if you can easily invade is the topic which arised after I played against Feiyang Chen 3 dan for EGF Academy Season 8, Cycle 3.

Lack of counting or good positional judgement is the main problem here, we first reduce, then we see that we do not have enough cash, so we go all in and most likely the last step is resignation. 

During the game, we do not have to make very important decisions all the time, most likely only few times. So I suggest before deciding what to play in such important strategical situations. To carefully count and do positional judgement. Funny that sometimes some players first invade and afterwards they start counting if they really needed to invade.

Although this lesson is quite simple and fast, many players seem to forget about it, including myself many times. 

EB: Since when do you play Go? 

Feiyang: I think I am playing since 2009 or 2010.

EB: How old are you?

Feiyang: I am 14 years old, same as Arved if I am not wrong (another young German player).

EB: What is Go for you?

Feiyang: It’s like a hobby, it’s something normal to me. I don’t feel better or worse after playing a game. I like Go, it is more complicated than Chess.

EB: Do you have any goals regarding Go?

Feiyang: My goal is to not give up Go and to play it whole life.

I am playing black in this game and you can see that the right side is a big framework, which white can either reduce or invade. White played the move A which is reducing and later he invaded and although the game was slightly better for him, he died inside the box and lost the game.

Why reduce if you can invade? 2

After he did A-B exchange he already helped black enough, now black feels a lot more comfortable with right side.

Why reduce if you can invade? 3

It would be normal to invade the right side now, since black is not that strong and there are potential weaknesses which white can focus on. To play the diagonal move at A now is to be expected. Playing B is another option. However, Leela Zero has another move in mind.

Why reduce if you can invade? 4

LZ likes the blue marked move, quite amazing. I have never seen this move in actual game. I want to try it, seems like very severe move.

Why reduce if you can invade? 5

This sequence happens most of the times. Black responds at 1, white hanes back at 2, black blocks at 3 and white cuts with the tesuji at 4, which allows white to either make ko or to reduce like the diagram shows.

Why reduce if you can invade? 6

AI sequence is to attach at 2 and extend down, jump at 4 to escape and then jump again at 6. If black cuts after 6, we could say that white is successful, because he reduced very deep. That’s why black peeps at 7 and attack at 9. This diagram is Leela Zero suggestion, pure fighting variation. For AI it is easy to invade and make sabaki. Most important is to invade when it is possible and to find the correct timing to do that by counting the points on the board before making important decision.

Why reduce if you can invade? 7
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