Historic Mexico-Korea Baduk Мatch

Historic Mexico-Korea Baduk Мatch 1

Baduk meeting Mexico-Korea “Encuentro de Baduk México-Corea 2018” was played on December 8th at the Korean Cultural Center in Mexico City.
Organizer of this event was the Korean newspaper based in Mexico “El Coreano”, through its director Mr. Sungmin Lim.
This match is planned to be an annual event, to strengthen the Korean and Mexican friendship through Baduk and the main sponsor of this event was the Director of the Korean Cultural Center in Mexico City – Mr.Kijin Song.
Although the main organizer of the event is the Korean newspaper “El Coreano”, as Coordinator, organizer and teacher at the Baduk workshop,
Sid Avila in report published on usgo.org says:

“For many years there have been active Korean players with a limited interaction in their own community, perhaps only Kim Chang-Ha,
a gentle friend and strong player has showed up and participated at the successful Mexican Go Congresses organized so far.
Since the Korean Cultural Center opened their Baduk workshop two years ago, there has been a steady increase in public interest for go.”

They had two special international observers.
Philipp Neubert a German student of Myongji University from Baduk Studies Department doing a field research of Go in Latin America and
Alvaro Tirado, a player from the Venezuelan Go Association.

The matches used a system round robin and 25 games were played.
The final score was 13:12, Mexico-Korea respectively.

Historic Mexico-Korea Baduk Мatch 2
Historic Mexico-Korea Baduk Мatch 3

Sid Avila says that the matches were intense and competitive and although they didn’t expect to win, the final result was close and they managed!
The level of the players as example the top ones is 5 dan, like the team leader of Mexico, Abraham Florencia and the team leader of Korea Changha Kim. Both teams Korea and Mexico played with teams of 5 members.
Playing for the team Mexico were : Abraham Florencia (leader), followed by Sebastian Rios, Mario Mercado, Alejandro Curiel and Jose Chacon.
Members of team Korea were: Changha Kim followed by Jungik Jang, Chaejoong Kook, Sungoh Kim and the team leader Nicolas Kim.
There were special extra matches for junior players as well, Diego Luciano 2D and Mateo Nava 1D played representing México against the Korean player Chan Kong 1D, the three of them are 12 years old.
After the event, all players went to a Korean restaurant and enjoyed a dinner in a friendly atmosphere.

Historic Mexico-Korea Baduk Мatch 4

The most interesting game you can find below with brief commentary by me.
Abraham Florencia from Mexico is white, versus Changha Kim from Korea as black.

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