Elegant Yose Technique

Elegant Yose Technique 1

This article is about endgame technique which Viktor Lin 6 dan EGF played against Viacheslav Kaymin 5 dan EGF in Starrise Grand Prix Stage 1.

There is not much to talk about, I hope the reader can find the endgame technique before scrolling down to answers and analysis. I did deep analysis on 3 AI’s as well. Leela Zero 40 blocks 195 – 8b28fe3c and A1/ 9A of Pangafu Master series.

Can you find black’s next move? #1

Elegant Yose Technique 2

Black played the marked move (which is wrong), how can white punish? #2

Elegant Yose Technique 3

After black captured, for white to throw in is the correct endgame technique, this gains white several points. How?

Elegant Yose Technique 4

After black captures, white can play the second beautiful sacrifice tesuji.

Elegant Yose Technique 5

After black takes with 2, white throws in once again at 1 and black takes. We can see that white managed to reduce black’s eye space.

Elegant Yose Technique 6

White plays atari to force black to connect. If black connect, white will win, so black is forced to play 2 and to fight for this ko. But then white takes first and this is gain for white. The game went a bit different and white couldn’t manage to continue well and he lost by 1,5. Still, he found this endgame technique, now lets count and then take a look on how AI manages to find it.

Elegant Yose Technique 7

Normally black has 6 points if black connects which is the correct move to protect against white throw-ins. However, if white throws in and then throws in once again, and throws in for last time, black will have only 4 points and white will be able to possibly gain 1 point. Although my counting is not quite correct (never) I guess it is about 3,5 points comparing to 6 points. Can we say that the throw in is worth 2,5 points? ( If I am wrong, please correct me, learning is endless process).

Elegant Yose Technique 8

With close to 600 000 visits, Leela 40 blocks is convinced that black has to defend, although it found this move a lot before, it is convinced that it is working even close to 600 000 visits. So definitely Leela 40 blocks manages this problem.

Elegant Yose Technique 9

If you capture as black did in the game, LZ will not play the throw in on lower side but instead it wants to throw in on left. They are pretty much same, it is anyway forced both ways. It does not matter much.

Elegant Yose Technique 10

The same test on 9A of Master series of Pangafu . We can see that it failed and it couldn’t see the defending move. Sometimes AI’s like to play some other moves and then return to position, but in this case it is not this way. It even after exchanging moves on top, it does not want to defend.

Elegant Yose Technique 11

Once you play some of the moves it wants, it finally wants to play this descend on right side, and then after you wait a bit, it figures out that white can throw-in.  The percentage is only going up.

Elegant Yose Technique 12

A1 also does not manage to find the move. I let it think until 800 000 visits.

Elegant Yose Technique 13

After black takes, it doesn’t want to throw-in, even after you play some of the blue moves in top right, it still doesn’t want. My expectation was that AI trained with some human games would have easier time finding the endgame technique, but it didn’t hmm. In any case this yose technique is very intriguing and I will try to make more articles about yose, it is so deep.

Below you can find the entire game.

Elegant Yose Technique 14
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