Yunguseng Winter Camp 2018

Yunguseng Winter Camp 2018 1

This years Yunguseng event was held on 6th – 9th December (Thu – Sun) and the venue was Near Koblenz, Mid-west Germany, Hotel Westerwald .

Below you could find interview with Dave de Vos, 3dan participant in the camp, who kindly answered all questions that I had.

Is it your first time participating in the winter camp?

This was the 2nd time. I also participated in the 2017 winter camp. I enjoyed it a lot, so I wanted to participate again this year.

What kind of events did it had? What is your expression about it?

The teachers are really strong players and excellent teachers, so all events were great.

There was a 5 round competition between the participants (split into 3 strength groups). After each round, the teachers reviewed all the games. This is great to learn about the strengths and weaknesses in your own game.

There were several workshops. Each teacher prepared their own workshop for the group they were teaching for that time slot. I remember topics like modern (AI) openings, modern joseki variations, tactical principles, endgame calculation, spotting tesuji.

Also, every participant played a teaching game against a teacher with a handicap of their own choosing and the game is reviewed by the teacher. This is also very nice.

One of the participants gave a workshop about installing and using software such as Lizzie, Sabaki and Go Review Partner to benefit most from Leela Zero.

There was a match between the teachers (as a team) and Leela Zero, which was also streamed live on Twitch and OGS.

On the last evening there were matches between participant teams, which was exciting and great fun.

The atmosphere was really great and so was the food!

I know that In Seong Hwang lessons are wonderful, but there were also other teachers, right?

Yes, Seongjin Kim and Chimin Oh are also really strong players and great teachers. Chimin is a teacher in Yunguseng Dojang for many years and Seongjin Kim will become one next season.

Are you a member of Yunguseng Dojang, how much do you think it helps you to improve?

Yes, I became a competition member in January 2017. In the last season I was only a spectator because I lack time to play in the league system.

For me it’s a bit hard to improve. I play go for 30 years already. I’m getting older and I have accumulated some bad habits during that time. I’m also a bit lazy when it comes to training. Most of my improvement took place before 1992 and I stopped improving in 2007. In fact, my EGD rating even dropped 150 points from 2007 to 2016.

But from January 2017, you can see some improvement in my EGD rating: (
At least the downward trend from the previous years has stopped since I became a member. I think it’s mostly because of updating my obsolete knowledge, learning new ideas and getting personalized coaching about controlling my main weakness (playing too aggressively).

There was a wonderful combination of all teachers playing against Leela, what do you think about this experience to be able to observe them and to listen to their thoughts?

In fact I was the one running Leela Zero on my laptop, because it was the only one with a decent GPU (it’s a gaming laptop). This is the game.

It was very interesting to see such strong players struggle against such a formidable opponent.

They were under great pressure, because Leela is so strong. But at the same time, they had to explain their plans to the audience and come up with a different plan when Leela surprised them with a stronger counter than they anticipated.

So this event must have been quite demanding for them, but they still did a great job explaining while managing to avoid collapse in the game.

What did you learn in the camp? 

There is some overlap between lecture topics of the winter camp and the online lectures of Yunguseng Dojang. So for me as a long time player at 3d level (one of the strongest participants) and a Yunguseng member for 2 years, I cannot really name a particular thing that I learned in he camp. But for me, the winter camp is more about inspiration and training than about learning.

And I do think that repetition is a good thing. Repetition is usually necessary to improve your understanding, so eventually you can apply the new concepts in your own game.

You can find pictures here.

Wonderful answers by Dave !

Yunguseng Winter Camp 2018 2
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