10-Year-Old Girl To Become Youngest Professional Go Player In Japan

10-Year-Old Girl To Become Youngest Professional Go Player In Japan 1

Sumire Nakamura will become 1-dan professional on 1st of April this year says JapanTimes and VK page of Russian Go Federation.

Nakamura is from the city of Osaka and she is only forth-grader in the elementary school. Although she is 9 years old right now, she will be 10 when she joins the professional league in April.

Fujisawa Rina who is daughter of Kazunari Fujisawa, an 8-dan professional Go player and granddaughter of Fujisawa Shuko 9p was holding the record of the youngest player in Japan to become pro at the age of 11 years and 6 months, however, Nakamura breaks this record!

10-Year-Old Girl To Become Youngest Professional Go Player In Japan 2
Photo shared on VK page of Russian Go Federation

Quoted from JapanTimes :

“It was rather shocking to see her ability, given her age,” said Chang Hsu, a 9-dan player who tested her skills for Nihon Ki-in.
“She was very composed” and flexible while playing, he said.

Full length video of 54 minutes, you can find over here.

Although it is not mentioned in the articles, Nakamura studied Go in Korea and was selected to become professional as part of a new talent-spotting programme devised by the Nihon Ki-in.

John Fairbairn (Go Author) comments in a topic in Go forum .

The procedure is that at least two NK pros can nominate a candidate, who would normally be expected to be a primary school student. Then a panel of major title holders and national team coaches and board members scrutinize the nominee and make a recommendation based not just on current results but also on an assessment of future prospects. At least two thirds of the panel must favor appointment as pro for it to take effect (which as usual for new qualifications is the following first of April. Which means that as the new era name will be announced then, Sumire (which means Violet ) will also probably be the first pro under the new era. (Her birthday is 2 March.)

There were no recorded games of her that could be found, but once she starts playing in tournaments, her games will deserve attention.

Congratulations and good luck to Sumire Nakamura !

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