2019 Turkish Women Go Championship: Interview with Hülya Çolak

2019 Turkish Women Go Championship: Interview with Hülya Çolak 1

This year the Turkish Women Championship was held on 2nd and 3rd of February and the winner was Hulya Colak !

2019 Turkish Women Go Championship: Interview with Hülya Çolak 2

I had a nice talk with her about the tournament and how Go is developing in Turkey, she was so kind to answer all my questions !

Q: Tell us about yourself?

A: I’m 26 years old and I’m a dietitian in a public institution. I am also a psychology student at Ege University. I don’t go to school nowadays, because my job is taking all my time but I hope I can manage. My primary goal is to finish with psychology and combine two areas of expertise at one point. I go to work, play Baduk, listen to music, read books, walk on the beach …I’m just an ordinary person with a routine life. Thats all.

Q: Is this your first time winning the Turkish Women Championship? Did you prepare in any special way for the tournament?

A: No, it is not the first time. In 2014, I was the winner of the women’s championship. In 2016, I became the 3rd in the same tournament. I’m trying to play baduk during the day. In the last month, I interpreted my games using Leela. Other than that, I did not do other special things.

Q: How many people participated? Was it a hard competition?

A: The tournament took place with the participation of 30 people. I think the European record is broken with this number. I mean, at least I heard that. The final game was really tough. Other than that, it was an enjoyable and educational tournament for me.

Q: How is Go developing in Turkey? (There are many activities and projects to bring more people to play Go in Turkey, it seems to be going pretty good, what do you think about the development? )

A: In 2012, I learned the game and in the first years there were like 1 tournament in 2 months. I would try to participate. Now, the increase in interest in the game has actually increased the number of tournaments and events. We don’t have to wait long for serious matches and this is enjoyable. In addition, it is promising for people who really love Baduk, because a business door opens. Thus, their favorite activity is becoming the center of their lives. This is a happy result!

Q: Is there a big interest among women to play Go?

A: I have no individual observation on this subject. But I think that the success of the tournament is a good data on women’s interest.

Q: What is Go for you?

A: The first time I learned to play Baduk (I was a student at university ) it was a pleasant tool to not study. The tournaments and events were enjoyable. As I got stronger, my interest increased and I continued. I’ve made nice friends and learned a lot. But over time, it made me face myself. I’m a hasty and unplanned person. Generally, I act first and then I am thinking what to do. This can be really hurting me when I am playing Baduk and sometimes I ask myself why I’m still doing this. And then I have been think that this is the cost of knowledge and experience. I am calming down. It can’t always be fun. In short is became a unpaid teacher for me with time.  Now if I want to see, it is the mirror for me and it shows me my flaws. It also gives me a good time.

Q: Was the tournament organized well?

A: The organization was successful. It took place in a special event area of a shopping center in Istanbul. All preparations were made in advance. It was at a central location and thus reached the maximum level of the participant.

Thank you a lot !

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