I Tenuki From University: Interview with Dusan Mitic 7-dan

I Tenuki From University: Interview with Dusan Mitic 7-dan 1

To post or not was the dilemma of this article, which ended up being harder to solve than Igo Hatsuyo-ron Problem 120 ! For these of you who have not heard about Dusan Mitic, he is 7-dan European player from Serbia and you will read “a bit” more about him below. I was not sure if this needs to be uploaded, but when I went to Winter Go Festival last week, people already knew a bit about this interview, before it was even published and they pushed me to upload it. So this article is to all of you who laughed and loved this so much that I could not really resist and of course to Dusan, because without his humor and honesty, this article wouldn’t have existed.

I Tenuki From University: Interview with Dusan Mitic 7-dan 2
Dusan Mitic on Winter Go Festival 2019. Picture by Nataša Bošnjak

For more information about him, I thought it would be better to grab something written by him for the 2nd European GrandSlam in 2016.

Name : Dusan Mitic
Nationality : Serbia
EGF Rank :6D
Hi, I’m Dusan. I started playing Go when I was 1.5 years old. My father (4d) taught me. In about 2 weeks I started giving him 4 handicaps daily. After some time I reached 6d, it was hard 10 days of studying. About my most notable achievements you can read in newspapers or watch all those documentaries.
Besides go, I am an artist. I painted Mona Lisa with deadly accuracy. On the weekends I go sky-diving… blindfolded.
For those of you with serious interest (or no sense of humour), I asked my PR-assistant to write a more serious description of me. Here it is:
Dusan started playing Go when he was 6 years old – his father taught him and his brother. Since then, he progressed steadily and has reached the rank of a 6 dan. His favourite number is komi. Although he had some breaks from Go, the pure depth and endless possibilities in Go made him always come back to the game. 
What motivates Dusan to play Go is the feeling that he improves. This is not a steady improvement, but rather a sudden realization that his abilities got better. The stronger he is, the more time he needs for this realization to happen, so he continues studying and believing in practice. His favourite ways to study are reviewing professional games and playing with his idol, Ali Jabarin. 
Dusan is also very active. He plays basketball, enjoys running in solitude, dancing, swimming, and, of course, sky-diving blindfolded.

Q: What got you and your brother Nikola Mitic 7d, interested in the game of Go?

A: From young age I was watching my father play, and by the age of 5 when advanced math became boring to me I switched to Go.

Q: Was there competition between you two? 

A: It was hardly a competition.

Q: Why do you like Go?

A: I will write a book on this one.

Q: What do you think it had the strongest impact on your improvement?

A: Stopped wasting hours reading answers on forums to questions such as: How to improve at Go? How to jump from 7k to 4d in 10 easy steps ? Also, going to China for half year and for longer to Korea was definitely helpful.

Q: Which Go principles you apply also in real life?

A: I tenuki from university.

Q: Many Go players say that you are charismatic, is that so?

A: (He left it empty)

Q: Will you play in the pro qualification this year? If yes, why do you want to become a professional player?

A: I will not participate this year.

Q: Last year you took 3rd place on the 4th GrandSlam, performing like a professional! How did you prepare for the tournament? 

A: I had study session for 0.000000001 seconds with Chuck Norris.

Q: Do you study with AI?

A: I play with AI often, but its painful losing 49% of games.

Q: Who’s your favourite professional player/s?

A: Ali Jabarin

Q: Do you get tired of Go? How do you take bad tournaments?

A: When at home I don’t really get tired of it, but when I was in Asia studying it did happen from time to time. It’s important to take well bad tournaments so you can play your best at next one, but I wouldn’t know since I had none.

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