Sakata Eio 9p vs Go Seigen 9p : Commentary By Andrii Kravets 1p

Sakata Eio 9p  vs Go Seigen 9p : Commentary By Andrii Kravets 1p 1

I have always liked the games of Sakata Eio 9p and I have always been excited and inspired about the way that he plays. These tesuji’s that he finds, the fighting spirit that he shows on the board, it is always intense. About Go Seigen I cannot say that much, although I have watched really a lot of his games as well, I have analyzed and I have looked at many analysis. His games are like a pure searching for the truth, he truly likes to challenge his opponents and ask whether they deserve something on the board. However, I would rather say that I understand Sakata Eio games a lot more clearly than I do understand Go Seigen’s, although both of these masters, play games beyond my understanding of Go. I believe, the reason is that my own style is a lot more close to Sakata’s style, rather than Go Seigen’s style.

I really hope this game will inspire all of you and show you how complex and beautiful a game of Go can be !

Below you can find Andrii Kravets 1-dan professional European player commenting the game. For these of you having trouble with coordinates, please click Ctrl+R or save the sgf with Ctrl+S. Enjoy !

Sakata Eio 9p  vs Go Seigen 9p : Commentary By Andrii Kravets 1p 2

Personal message
I started to play Go at the age of 8. From the very beginning I liked this game a lot, and after few years of study I became the European under 12-champion. In the next few years Go was a big part of my life. Sometimes I made a pause for a few weeks, sometimes I played like a mad man for 24 hours in row. When I finished University I went to study Go in China. I went twice to China, spending one year in total there. There I improved my go skills a lot and two years later I become a professional. Now I continue to study this game and hope to achieve new victories.

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