New York Institute of Go : 1 Year Anniversary

New York Institute of Go : 1 Year Anniversary 1

To those of you who read and follow the website, not long time ago we had an honor to have Ryan Li 1p to do an interview about the project. New York Institute of Go’s founders, NYIG_GO hosts, and 1-dan professionals Stephanie Yin and Ryan Li, as well as executive producer and director Allen Moy, celebrates the 1-year anniversary of the launch of the YouTube channel by showing the best videos from the past year as well as the bloopers and outtakes.

Below you could read several sentences what Ryan says about the project.

“Stephanie founded the New York Institute of Go NYIG, focusing on teaching and promoting Go. We offer many classes, including private online/in-person lessons to group classes targeted at kids/youth players. I help out a bit. Originally, we had students at NYIG asking us about Joseki, mistakes, and other alike. To answer their questions more effectively, we decided to use open video format. We started a YouTube channel “NYIG_Go” with weekly uploads and it grew very quickly. It was quite unexpected, but I am happy that we are reaching the Go community. I also recently started weekly casual game commentaries, as a fan of and inspired by Meng Tailing (6P), who did similar Chinese versions on WeiqiTV. “

The project launched on 9th of April 2018 and at the time of writing this article, it is close to 3,000 subscribers after just one year !

Do not hesitate to subscribe and watch them ! The content is really awesome, high-quality and the time/work they spend is truly unbelievable!

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