The 24th European Youth Go Championship in Moscow

The 24th European Youth Go Championship in Moscow 1

The EYGC is an annual event which happens in a different country every year, so this year it was held in Russia, Moscow 28th April till 4th of May. The place of the event was the Art-Moscow hotel which is a modern complex, that unites the hotel and international level conference area. Full with large open spaces and lounges created a comfortable atmosphere for all the young participants and their parents which exceeded a number of 500.

The 24th European Youth Go Championship in Moscow 2

With no doubt, I would say that the Youth is improving and here you can see some data comparing the last years of the EYGC’s.

Ukraine – 2018: 208 participants
France – 2017: 219 participants
Serbia – 2016: 130 participants
Netherlands – 2015: 104 participants
England – 2014: 89 participants

Russia – 2019: 310!

There was also a big training camp from 28th of April till 1st of May before the EYGC. Coaches of the Russian Go Federation and other countries conducted a training camp, full with exercises and tournaments with 134 children before the European Youth Go Championship 2019. There were seven to ten people in each one of the groups. The top three in each group received memorable mugs with the logo of the European Youth Go Championship.

  • Training camp / April 28 – May 1, 2019 – Khoroshevskaya gymnasium, address: Moscow, st. Norodnogo Opolcheniya, 9A
  • European Youth Go Championship/ May 2 – 4, 2019 – Art Moscow Hotel, address: Moscow, st. Kosmonauta Volkova, 6A

The event indeed offers fun to all the kids and a lot of great experience, the event is also a great possibility for kids to meet many other and see that there are many other that are playing the same game, this is actually quite motivating for the kids. You can see the video below, which is really awesome and charging. The only drawback is that regarding kids, they need more tournaments, because after such a tournament, even under 12 years old are really hyped and they want more and more, but once they learn that the next tournament they will play is in few months, that really hurts. Nevertheless, this situation is trying to be improved and as you can see, there is the SEYGO project as well, you can check it out and learn more about it, since there is one event soon !

The category of U12 finished very tightly between the first and the second place, with only 1 point of SODOS difference (however, there is direct confrontation). The winner is Ovsiienko, Vsevolod from Ukraine, Kiev.

1st – Ovsiienko, Vsevolod – 1-dan (Ukraine)
2nd – Pishchalnikov, Artemij – 1-dan (Russia)
3rd- Igonin, Alexej – 2-kyu (Russia)

The 24th European Youth Go Championship in Moscow 7
First place in EYGC 2019 U12 Category – Ovsiienko, Vsevolod 1-dan

The category of U16 was won by a JIGS student (we did an article about the school before) – Shalneva, Virzhinia 4-dan.

1st – Shalneva, Virzhinia – 4-dan (Russia)
2nd – Pittner, Arved – 4-dan (Germany)
3rd- Tu, Linh_Vu – 3-dan (France)

The 24th European Youth Go Championship in Moscow 8
Tu, Linh_Vu (left), Virzhinia Shalneva – winner (middle) and Arved Pittner (right)

The category of U20 was won by Anton Chernykh 6-dan (interview coming soon) who studied in the Ge Yuhong Academy in China together with me and several other players.

1st – Chernykh, Anton – 6-dan (Russia)
2nd – Fionin, Grigorij – 6-dan (Russia)
3rd – Grigoriu, Elian_Ioan – 5-dan (Romania)

The 24th European Youth Go Championship in Moscow 9
Top 4 players of U20 (left to right) – Jakovlev-Chernyshev, Vasilij (4th), Chernykh, Anton (winner), Fionin, Grigorij (2nd), Grigoriu, Elian_Ioan (3rd)

There was also a Twitch commentary on the tournament by Oscar Vazquez 5-dan (U16 ex-champion) who could not play in the tournament (U20) and me as ex-champion since I could not play. We decided to enjoy the games and provide commentary on Twitch. We covered three rounds and I decided to upload the content on YouTube for these who might be interested into watching it. You can find it below. I hope that this event will continue to grow and inspire youth generations of players !

There is a huge problem with the sound in the beginning, you can skip, we kind of fixed it out
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