Fuseki Study Tool

Fuseki Study Tool is a database containing 4630 game commentaries and lessons all together at one place, giving you the opportunity to learn a lot more efficiently and explore explained variations with multiple different comments and variations by many professional players or high-dan/mid-dan players at the same time.

This database is created by a tool which the author of http://gogamespace.com/ Marcel Grünauer wrote and I want to sincerely thank him a lot, without him, this would have just stayed as a dream.

To be implemented:

–Pattern Search

–Show all sources/which professional wrote each comment

The project includes:

-Close to 1600 commented pro and high-dan games by Alexander Dinerchtein 3p ( He contributed to this project by allowing us to use the commentaries, be sure to check http://breakfast.go4go.net/ and http://go4go.net/go/ !

-More than 1000 commented pro games by middle to top professionals on www.gogameworld.com ( Email send, they do not reply, searching for a way to contact them for help).

-EGF Academy contributes to this project by allowing us to use more than 700 commented games by Zhao Baolong 2p and Alexander Dinerchtein 3p.

-Includes large fuseki lessons with unknown source (working on it).

-Andrew Kay files of studying in China 2008 and 2010 (fuseki resources by professionals).

-Includes commentaries by various professionals found on www.eurogofed.org and www.usgo.org .

-Includes www.badukmovies.com game commentaries and fuseki resources possible to merge.

-Several commentaries by Michael Redmond are also included. Be sure to check his great content!

-Most significant and high-level commentaries on “The Go Teaching Ladder” are also included.

-Sorin Gherman study files from Japan are also included.

-My own (5d EGF) commentaries on common fuseki mistakes are included inside the tool.

-Several WeiqiTV lessons translated in English as well are added.

-Antti Tormanen reviews on some games

!!! If this project has a copyright conflict and you are owner of the commentary/files and you do not want them to be in this database. Please do contact me immediately on explorebaduk@gmail.com !!!

The goal of this project is to create a tool, giving players a really easier and friendly way to study Fuseki, with various comments by strong players and learn faster from many sources, having all important information to understand at one place, at once. Myself I have always been so excited about this and I always wanted to have such a big commented database. Now that it is here, the most important issue I want to solve is the copyright issues. I am really glad that EGF Academy and Alexander Dinerchtein agreed to contribute to this project.

Everyone can also contribute by sending high-level lessons which can be implemented inside the tool.