Starrise Grand Prix Stage 2

All participants have participated in EGF Academy! You might find it useful for your Go development as well, be sure to check it out.

The Starrise Grand Prix has four stages. One stage was already played between September and December of 2018. The second stage is scheduled from the 21st of February to the 30th of April 2019. The third stage will take place from the 1st of May to the 15th of July. The final stage will be held during the EGC 2019.

Tournament format and fair-play rules:

The first three stages each employ a round-robin system with time settings of 1 hour and 30×5 byo-yomi. Even games under Japanese rules, nigiri for all games. Games can be played on KGS or in person.

Games are by default rated in the EGD as D-class games.

If, during a Starrise game played online, someone runs out of time as a result of force majeure, the players should replay the game in a new window and continue the game, replicating the remaining thinking time as closely as possible. If their clock runs out again, however, they will lose on time normally.

All use of outside resources, such as computer programs, go books or other people, is of course prohibited. In the hopefully hypothetical case this would occur, the player would be eliminated from all Starrise events this year.

Placement tie-breakers, Final stage qualification and format:

Highest amount of wins is the first criteria for placement (games that were won by forfeit or after elimination are also counted). Tiebreaker is SODOS (appearing in the table). The next criteria is the number of games played (higher placement for the one with fewer games lost). Last one is the players’ head-to-head record during the stage.

After three stages the six players with the most Starrise Grand Prix points qualify to participate in the final stage. If one of the top six cannot attend, they will be replaced by the 7th place, 8th place, etc… The finals will be rated A-class (or B-class) in the EGD. Time settings and the exact schedule are still to be decided.
The finals’ format is a knockout tournament: The quarter-finals will feature only two games: 3rd place vs. 6th place and 4th place vs. 5th place. The top two places from the online stages receive a bye. The first semi-final will take place between the winner of the 3rd vs. 6th quarterfinal and the 1st place, and the second semi-final is between the winner of the 4th vs. 5th quarter-final and the 2nd place. The winners of course play in the finals, matches for 3rd place and for 5th place can also be played.