Kim Shakhov

Kim Shakhov 1

Name: Kim Shakhov
Nationality: Russia
Date of birth: 04.06.2002
Go rating: 6 dan EGF

EGF Academy Student

I was born in Russia but living in Genova (Italy) since 2014. I learned the rules of Go when I was six from my father but didn’t study seriously until 2012. In 2013 I got 3rd place on EYGC U12 (European Youth Go Championship) and qualified to WYGC, where I took 6th place. In 2014 became Russian champion U12, studied in Ge Yuhong Academy for 5 months in 2015, got 3rd place on EYGC U16 twice in 2016 and 2017, became Russian champion U16 in 2017 and Italian champion in 2017.
My goal is to improve as a person by playing and studying Go. Good luck! 😉

Kim Shakhov 2