Martin Ruzicka

Martin Ruzicka 1

Name: Martin Ruzicka
Nationality: Germany
Date of birth: 22.07.1997
Go rating: 4 dan EGF

EGF Academy Student

I first got to know Go in 2002 when I was 5 years old but it took until EYGC 2011 in Brno for me to get interested in playing a lot. I even spent 3 months studying Go in Korea at KIBA which boosted me to 4D which stayed my rank. My biggest achievements are German youth champion twice, one 7th and one 5th place at european youth championship and 4th place at German Championship in 2018. But recently I don’t play Go so actively anymore as I want to focus more on my university studies, my current rating is 2440 with a peak of 2460.

Martin Ruzicka 2