Mirta Medak

Mirta Medak 1

Name: Mirta Medak
Nationality: Croatia
Date of birth: 29.01.2001
Go rating: 1 dan EGF

EGF Academy Student

In 2012, when I learned Go, only children in Croatia knowing the rules of this game were my brother and I. At that time, I also played chess, so I started studying Go more seriously only in 2015, when I joined Yunguseng Dojang School. As those years were passing by, eventually more and more go-playing children in Croatia arrived. This happened because we made Go an activity in few primary and high schools, with the financial support of Croatian Ministry of Education and Science. Go teachers in Croatia are usually volunteers, and there are not so many of them, unfortunately. I have been teaching Go in my school for 2 years, and sometimes I train kids in our go-club. This year, I started to teach in one more primary school, where I am planning to launch my first go-project next year. When I joined EGF Academy (September, 2017), I started to study Go more seriously than before. Right now I am holding the 3rd place in Senior Category of Croatia and 1st place in U20 Category. This year I won Zagreb Open tournament.
Go taught me patience, reasonable thinking, difference between valuable and non-important. It developed my working habits and helps me to focus. Meeting many amazing friends and experiencing new places and occasions I owe to this game.

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