Oscar Vazquez

Oscar Vazquez 1

Name: Oscar Vazquez
Nationality: Spain
Date of birth: 03.02.2002
Go rating: 5 dan EGF

EGF Academy Student

My mother taught me Go when I was five, and I remember making my first online account about a year later. I was really enthusiastic about Go, and in fact my parents became a bit worried I would become addicted and imposed a time limit on my playing until I got a bit older. For many years, Go was just a fun hobby I enjoyed. I had quite some successes, such as European U12 champion in 2014 and Spanish (all ages) champion 2015, but playing Go for a living did not seem like an option. However, when I heard of the CEGO program, I became really motivated to become strong enough to take the opportunity. Now, after nearly a year in a Chinese Go school (thanks to CEGO) and despite my EGF academy training, I feel like I have a quantifiable chance to realize my goals and become professional.

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