Sinan Djepov

Sinan Djepov 1

Name: Sinan Djepov

Nationality: Bulgaria

Date of birth: 19.10.2000

Started playing Go: 7.7.2013

Go Rating: 5-Dan EGF

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European Youth Go Champion Under 20 2018

EGC 2018 – 20th place out of 900

World Youth Goe Championship 2016, Group U16 – 6th place

Sinan Djepov 2

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Sinan Djepov 3

EYGC 2018 in Kiev

Catalin Taranu 5-Dan Professional says: He is hunting for information everywhere and learning everything he can from everyone. This hunger for knowledge sometimes earned him the tag of a difficult student, but for me it is the mark of a very special type of person. With such desire to learn it is no wonder that Sinan’s development as a Go player was very quick and I expect a lot more from him from now on.

Sinan Djepov 4

To study Go in Asia has been a dream of mine since I learned to play Go in 2013. As part of the CEGO Academic Programme in 2018, the dream came true and I studied two and a half months in The Ge Yuhong Go Academy in Beijing.

Excerpt from Go Studies: A History of Adventure

” To improve, one has to really focus inside himself, to observe his own Go very deeply and understand all the habits that he has in order to break the bad ones. Without hesitation I would say that the way a person plays Go, is a reflection of himself. When I say that one has to focus on himself, I don’t mean only on one’s moves. I talk about strategy, thinking, ideas, intentions. There is no doubt that studying is important and that learning at least one new thing daily can make you very powerful. But the effectiveness of studying matters much more to me. I was also teaching, which gave me the opportunity to meet many great people. Noticeable is that, at the end of a two hour-long lecture, there are people who cannot tell me five things which they learned during the lesson, even though they are great students. This is the best example of inefficient studying. At this point, I wouldn’t give a conclusion, I think it’s better for everyone to make one for themselves.”

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