Slava Kaymin

Slava Kaymin 1

Name: Viacheslav Kaymin
Nationality: Russia
Date of birth: 24.11.2000
Go rating: 6 dan EGF

EGF Academy Student

My first teacher Alexei Kozhunkov taught me to play Go in 2006 and since then for a long time I belonged to his go-club “Sente”. However, first tournament I took part in was two years later, in 2008. In 2016-17 I studied for 5 months in Ge Yuhong Academy, then I only studied Go by myself. My best achievements in Go are: Russian Champion U12, U16 and U20 several times, European Champion U16 (2015, 2016) and U20 (2017), Russian Team Champion in Moscow team and 3rd place in Russian Championship (2018).
Now I am studying in MIPT, but trying to concentrate on Go and other stuff connected to it as teaching, organizing Starrise Grand Prix or cards project.

Slava Kaymin 2