Starrise Cards

Slava Kaymin about Starrise Cards:

August 2018 my parents suggested me to create collection cards with photos of strong Russian Go players. When I heard of this idea, the first thing that came to my mind were cards in football simulator FIFA, on which you can see approximated rating of many players and numbers that show how skillful they are in different part of football game. This leaded to my idea – to create same cards of Go players and now
I will tell how I was doing it.
– Firstly, let’s answer the question which stages did I choose and why. A game of go usually includes 3 stages: fuseki, tuban and yose. All of them need different skills and often studied separately. Tuban is defined as the least calm stage: running group, reading of many variations, direction choice… As not all tubans happen like this, coefficient was renamed to fighting (FIG). Names of yose (YOS) and fuseki (FUS) were left just like this. Then there is one discipline that goes as a line through all the game – reading (REA). It can be defined as an ability of players to imagine /* read */ long difficult hard to find variations and can appear at any moment of the game. From the first difficult sequence on the corner and until taking last dame and reading “do I need to defend inside the territory?”…
Then there’s one more connected to the course of the game coefficient – winning good positions (WGP). It describes how often does the player lose games that were supposed to be won at least at some point. For example, you won’t get it good if during taking last dames in +10pts position you get lazy to read if you should defend inside the territory, play pass, die and resign. Not getting lazy and staying concentrated during all the game – this is a feature of strong go player. Last coefficient, which has a lot in common with WGP is psychology (PSY). Maybe it is more about stability of the player, but you know… “Psychology”.. It sounds much cooler. The only thing that is not really connected to Go, but it doesn’t mean unimportant. The scale I decided to use is from 1 to 99 in each coefficient, where “99” is a level of a strongest European Professional and 1 is… let’s say 20k. It’s just crazy to measure skills of players below this point.

Starrise Cards 1