Viktor Lin

Viktor Lin 1

Name: Viktor Lin
Nationality: Austria
Date of birth: Secret
Go rating: 6 dan EGF

I have vague memories of Go from, presumably, around age 3 when my father tried to teach me the game. However, 5-in-a-row was much more appealing to baby-me and I haven‘t touched Go again until I came across Hikaru no Go a good decade later. Shortly thereafter, I became a member of the Viennese Go club „Gote“ and eventually the Austrian champion at age 16. Fast forward another decade, I‘ve been stuck at EGF 6d since time immemorial and I solve tsumego by tewari. My proudest result thus far is making 4th place at the European Championship 2017, missing the final by half a point. I‘ve also won the Swiss Open Championship and the German Bundesliga. My superpowers include absolute pitch and, on the Go board, achieving acceptable positions by accidentally dying with large groups.